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World’s 10 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed

In this video, you’ll get to know the mysteries behind the world’s 10 greatest magic skills. Be it the biggest magic trick ever produced by the greatest ever mastered magician Houdini, or magic secrets by some of the magnificent magicians like Dynamo, David Copperfield or Darcy Oake, you’ll absolutely learn …

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Stephen Hawking Theoretical Physicist Passed Away

The cosmologist and scientific disseminator was at his home in Cambridge, in the United Kingdom. Stephen Hawking, the brilliant British physicist famous for his research on the origin of the universe, died Wednesday at dawn, at age 76, when he was at his residence in Cambridge, United Kingdom. The fact …

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Sylvester Stallone Dead News Is Real Or Fake – Read Here

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter were filled with messages with the phrase ‘Rest in peace’. They were dedicated to the American actor Sylvester Stallone. Shortly before, the rumors about his death had spread like wildfire on the internet. Gossip about the death of ‘Sly’ invaded the network. Users reacted …

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