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How To Get Rid Of Dental Plaque Instantly At Home

After eating foods it is advisable to wash the teeth to eliminate residues. And it is that, without noticing it, in our dentures a sticky substance is formed, that goes from transparent to white, called plaque.

If not removed frequently, the plaque hardens to become the dreaded tartar. Fortunately, it is possible to remove plaque naturally at home. The important thing is to prevent it from growing into a problem.

The dental calculus, also called tartar or dental tartar, is the accumulation of salts of calcium and phosphorus on the surface of the teeth. This is the result of the mineralization of plaque, that is, the set of microorganisms, saliva and food remains that are deposited on the dental pieces. The tartar is composed of an organic and an inorganic part, where calcium and phosphorus predominate.


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