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The Fantastic Remedy To Whiten Your Yellow Teeth

Having a bright white smile like your favorite artists may be something impossible for us mortals “Surely they have to spend a lot of money” “It is very expensive and painful,” however, this idea is wrong. We can really have a beautiful and dazzling smile with just three ingredients you have at home.

Best of all, the process is not at all painful, perform this method at least 2 times a week and you will get great results.

You only need the following


  1. Sodium bicarbonate

  2. Toothpaste

  3. Aluminum Foil


Pour some toothpaste with baking soda into foil. Then wrap your teeth with the paper. Let it act for an hour and remove the foil, then rinse your mouth and ready, you have white teeth and dazzling.

Now you know the secret that is on the lips of all celebrities.



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